November 2022



  • Josep Julien
  • Sala Tallers
  • 24/11/2022 al 04/12/2022

A frenetic road movie. Can we escape the violence?

Fadi has a goal. The process that started a few years ago is about to end. His legs are shaking and, for the first time in many months of training, he finds himself unable to drive the van to his terrifying target. An unforeseen event at a petrol station will disrupt his plans and force him to flee in the form of a road movie through much of the geography of the country.


On the afternoon of 21 August 2017, Younes, a twenty-year-old boy, was shot down by the Catalan police in a vineyard in the municipality of Subirats, in the Alt Penedès region. Right alongside home. Indeed, my family and I live very close to where that kid from Ripoll ended his delirious and horrible journey. Very close. So much so that we were involuntary witnesses to everything.
That late afternoon has not stopped bouncing around inside of me ever since. And it hurts. A strange, difficult pain.

Bonobo is a thriller, a desperate road movie, a flight forward. And it is also a tool that I have invented, sheltering myself in the enormous power of fiction, to deprive that post-adolescent corpse of its status as a person, to make it a character and thus be able to ask the questions that cause me this pain. Questions that seem crucial to me in the moral and socio-political context of this first half of the century. I wonder who he is and who we are. I wonder if there is a real chance of redemption. I wonder about hate, and pity, as drivers and intrinsic values of humans. About the fragility of our convictions, our identity, and the existence or not of second chances in people's lives. Many questions. Not enough.

Josep Julien

Production team

Directed by
Josep Julien
Moha Amazian, Neus Ballbé
  • + Information
    Set design
    Anna Tantull

    Ganecha Gil

    Sound space
    Neus Ballbé

    Audiovisual Narrative
    Ivó Vinuesa

    Assistant director
    Xavi Buxeda

    Technical and management teams of the company
    Executive production
    Maria G. Rovelló

    Xavi Buxeda
    Josep Julien

    Anna Güell – Q-ARS Teatre

    In co-production with
    Temporada Alta and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    With the collaboration of
    Estruch- Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu
    With the support of
    Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    Fundació La Plana, Íntims Produccions, Desguace Rollín, Maria Alaix, Xavier Pérez Fromzero, Ajuntament de Pontós, Joan Solana, Josep Font, Aida Llop

    Bonobo was the winning project of the 15th edition of the of the Quim Masó Award 2021

    Bonobo received the SGAE Jardiel Poncela Award 2020