December 2022


Déjà vu

  • Cia. Manolo Alcántara
  • Idea, creation and direction Manolo Alcántara
  • Sala Petita
  • 28/12/2022 al 08/01/2023

Circus that humorously blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy

Déjà vu tells us about the distance between a person and his dreams, about what he is and what he would like to be. Very ambitious dreams that awaken his airs of greatness but that at the same time are impossible, undermining his spirit.

A visual show, without dialogue, where the borders between reality and fantasy are blurred in a story with a touch of melancholy and with a stage space that plays with the extreme disproportion of measures.


My creations start from an inner search: from my successes, from my fears, anxieties, delusions... A choice that mimics the self with my loved ones. An emotional trilogy, my father, my mother and my son, which corresponds to Rudo, Déjà vu and Maña and articulates the past and the present.
It began with Rudo. Rudo is my father, a farmer for half his life and a builder for the other half. A show that sets the toughness of a craft against the tenderness of a father.
Maña is my son. It is the passing of knowledge from a grandfather to a grandson, the transformation from craftsman to artist.
And Déjà vu, who is my mother, a housewife during the post-war period. A dreamful, dreamy and a slightly quixotic show.

Manolo Alcántara

Production team

Cia. Manolo Alcántara
Idea, creation and direction
Manolo Alcántara
Manolo Alcántara, Laia Rius, Andreu Sans / Sílvia Compte, Joan Trilla
  • + Information
    Musical composition and arrangements
    Laia Rius

    Set design
    Manolo Alcántara

    Rosa Solé

    Lighting and sound
    Ivan Tomasevic

    Puppet design and construction
    Toni Zafra

    Attrezzo and pictorial finishes
    Xavi Erra

    Recorded music
    Guitars, lute and banjo
    Josep Traver

    Double bass and electric bass
    Ivan Tomasevic

    Pep Pascual

    Maria Bou
    Violins and octovat violin
    Laia Rius

    Xavi Túrnez

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Ivan Tomasevic
    Oriol Planas

    Musical production
    Pep Pascual
    Laia Rius

    Sound engineer, mixing and mastering
    Pep Pascual

    Music recording
    Estudi Casa Pepe

    Management and production
    Clàudia Saez

    National distribution

    International distribution
    Set construction
    Eduardo Fernández
    Cia. Manolo Alcántara

    Cia. Manolo Alcántara

    Production support
    Alfred Fort and Clàudia Saez by La Destil·leria

    Grec Festival de Barcelona

    With the support of
    ICEC - Generalitat de Catalunya and INAEM

    With the collaboration of
    Teatre Principal d'Olot, Teatres en Xarxa, Teatre Núria Espert de Sant Andreu de la Barca, Teatre Clavé de Tordera, Teatre Bartrina de Reus, Social Antzokia de Basauri and Teatro-Circo de Murcia

    Guga Arruda, Raquel García, Amèlia Bautista, Marie Pierre Durand, Toti Toronell, and all those people and organisations that have given us and collaborated with us to bring Déjà vu to life.