January 2022



  • Josep Maria Benet and Jornet
  • Directed by Sílvia Munt
  • Sala Gran
  • 27/01/2022 al 06/03/2022

A play by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet with a phantasmagorical and dreamlike atmosphere in which desire is the protagonist.

Desig is the haunting story of a married couple whose routine life is interrupted. Anonymous calls and a car with flickering lights on the side of a road. The mysterious connection with two strangers. Memories of a night that had almost been erased.

Josep Maria Benet i Jornet’s play tells us about the pain of desire: pursued but not realised. About the unspeakable rejection of what we inevitably are: those innocent children full of fears that are gradually disappearing, interred by the irremediable need to grow up, accepted by an implacable society. Those traces buried in the lines appear like a hidden gem as you mine the play, constructing a world in which what is true and what is dream, desire, constantly intersect. He constantly plays with a dual language and in a dual universe: what happens to us and what we would like to happen to us. As in life, if we could listen to ourselves unfiltered, we would discover that there is often a dual game in our decisions about which we are not even aware.
Four characters united by their unspeakable, powerful, necessary and painful desire in the midst of a vacuum, of spaces suggested by the consciousness of wanting to feel alive. Desire makes us walk, makes us fly, makes us overcome boredom, and, although we want to conceal it, it always exists.
I appreciate this step towards the abyss provided by Papitu, the step he took courageously in 1989 when everything was still more difficult. This push that makes you jump and gives you more courage, immersing you in what is not apparent.

Sílvia Munt, director of the show.


Production team

Josep Maria Benet and Jornet
Directed by
Sílvia Munt
Laura Conejero, Carles Martínez, Raimon Molins and Anna Sahun
  • + Information
    Set design
    Enric Planas

    Míriam Compte

    Carlos Marquerie

    Jordi Bonet

    Dani Lacasa
    Assistant director
    Tilda Espluga

    Set design assistant
    Mercè Lucchetti

    Lighting assistant
    Guillem Gelabert

    Video dancers
    Fàtima Campos
    Olga Lladó
    Sound design
    Jordi Bonet

    Sound space
    Jordi Bonet
    Judit Farrés

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya