May 2019


El gran mercado del mundo

  • Calderón de la Barca
  • Direction and version Xavier Albertí
  • Sala Gran
  • 15/05/19 al 22/06/19

The classical play by Calderón de la Barca turned into a great show with the contemporary view of Xavier Albertí

Fame calls on everyone to go to the great market of the world. Everyone has a talent to buy what they desire and must use it to be happy. Innocence and Malice will accompany the purchasers. Figures such as Pride, Humility, Pleasure, Penitence or Disillusionment parade among the sellers. In the market you can buy anything, from Thought to Guilt. Meanwhile, Music watches over all and marks the rhythms.

Calderón de la Barca wrote this Eucharistic play with an explicitly liturgical function, in a European context of strong ideological upheavals. Often the disturbances of our times do not want to talk to the moral precepts of other eras, but the allegorical characters of El gran mercado del mundo continue to populate our realities. And our world is an increasingly bigger market.

Script of the play published by Arola Editors and TNC.
When you come to the see the show, you can get a special premiere edition of the text at the price of 3 €.

This play is included in the project Club de lectura “Llegir el teatre” (reading theatre clubs) of TNC/Biblioteques públiques de Catalunya.

Production team

Calderón de la Barca
Direction and version
Xavier Albertí
Cristina Arias, Alejandro Bordanove, Antoni Comas, Elvira Cuadrupani, Jordi Domènech, Rubén de Eguía, Roberto G. Alonso, Oriol Genís, Lara Grube, Sílvia Marsó, Jorge Merino, Mont Plans, Aina Sánchez and David Soto Giganto
  • + Information
    Albert Arribas

    Set design
    Max Glaenzel

    Marian García Milla

    Ignasi Camprodon

    Jordi Bonet

    Àngels Palomar
    Roberto G. Alonso

    Director's assistant
    Roger Vila

    Costume's assistant
    Georgina Viñolo

    Student in practice on the master's in Theatrical studies (MUET) at IT and UAB
    Laura Cuervo Álvarez

    Studient in practice of the degree in performing Arts of the ERAM
    Helena Pàmies
    Scenography Construction
    Taller Jorba - Miró SCp Pascualín

    Costumes making
    Maria Trinidad Rodríguez
    Antonia Pérez
    Inés Mancheño

    Assemblies, essays and representations
    Technical and management teams of El Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Punto blanco
    María Araujo
    Eloi Linuesa and Coopgros

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico (CNTC)



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