December 2021


El nedador del mar secret

  • William Kotzwinkle
  • Direction and dramaturgy Jumon Erra
  • Sala Petita
  • 09/12/2021 al 19/12/2021

A reflection on the short distance between life and death and, nevertheless, a lesson of hope.

El nedador del mar secret is the story of the difficult birth of a child told by his father. The night run to the hospital in a cold winter, what could have been and was not. William Kotzwinkle's novel about the loss of a child destroys any kind of idealisation of childbirth and speaks, with poetic language and restrained emotion, of the acceptance of harsh reality.

There are many reasons for bringing William Kotzwinkle’s novel Swimmer in the Secret Sea to the stage: the beauty of the story, the sensitivity in explaining in an illuminating way the pain caused by death, the generosity of the writer sharing such intimate events so that we don’t feel alone even when times are dark. We also hear a father’s perspective on the experience of childbirth and the loss of a child. Lately, however, rereading the novel, with the impact of a pandemic in which thousands of fellow citizens have died alone, in which family and friends have not had the space to say goodbye or accompany each other in their final moments, Kotzwinkle speaks to us of a deep, simple, human way of saying goodbye. And I hope that sharing what Swimmer tells us heals us all a little.

Jumon Erra, director of the show.


Production team

William Kotzwinkle
Direction and dramaturgy
Jumon Erra
Translated by
Yannick Garcia
Francesc Cuéllar, Albert Mora and Júlia Santacana
  • + Information
    Scenic space and costumes
    Joana Martí

    Sylvia Kuchinow

    Composition, musical direction and Sound space
    Miquel Tejada

    Assistant director and acting coach
    Elena Fortuny

    Live music
    Albert Mora
    Júlia Santacana

    Cristian Nadal

    Photograph of the rehearsals
    Sion Fullana
    Technical and management teams of the company

    Executive production
    Raül Perales

    Technical coordination
    Elisenda Rodríguez


    Image and promotional video
    Joan Gastó

    Montage technician
    Xavier Xipell “Xipi”

    Production assistant
    Alba Gómez

    Set construction
    Txell Mateu
    Agustina Santinelli
    La Danesa

    In co-production with
    Temporada Alta y Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Yannick Garcia
    La Caldera
    Mònica Chavarria
    Egos Teatre
    Ruth Matamala
    Núria Mestres

    With the collaboration of
    Espai Cultural Fàbrica Vella Sallent

    El nedador del mar secret was the winning project of the 14th edition of the Premi Quim Masó 2020.