May 2022


El pes d’un cos

  • Victoria Szpunberg
  • Directed by Victoria Szpunberg
  • Sala Petita
  • 12/05/2022 al 12/06/2022

What can lead you to wish for the death of someone you love?

A daughter has to take care of her father who, after suffering a stroke, undergoes a process of physical and mental deterioration that makes him totally dependent. The lack of personal resources and the precariousness of public authorities will make the situation enter into a kind of free fall spiral.

What is the point of keeping alive the body of someone who has lost all the faculties that make us human?

El pes d’un cos forms part of a series of texts on which I have recently worked and that are inspired by the relationship I have had with my sick father, the different stages of his sickness, the transformation of the affective bond and, particularly, what accepting his dependency and what the process of physical and mental decay have meant.
In short, the issue of ageing in today’s society, as well as what taking care of someone means. Often, the lack of personal resources and the precariousness of public authorities make the situation enter into a kind of free fall spiral.
Now that my father is no longer here, I want to stage this text as a kind of celebration, sharing with the audience an experience that becomes both intimate and social.
A multidisciplinary production that will combine dramatic text, live music and projections, where the rawest and most current realism dialogues with the theatre game, humour and imagination.

Victoria Szpunberg, author and director of the show.
  • Show included in the season tickets.
  • Book with the text of the show for 5 €. New TNC collection.
This show is part of the Cycle 3D, three Catalan plays on the most immediate reality.


Production team

Victoria Szpunberg
Directed by
Victoria Szpunberg
Quim Àvila/Marc Tarrida Aribau (from 2th of june), Laia Marull, Carles Pedragosa and Sabina Witt. The functions of 27/5 and 10/6 David Marcé will replace Carles Pedragosa
  • + Information
    Set design
    Judit Colomer

    Albert Pascual

    Marc Lleixà

    Joan Solé
    Guillem Rodríguez

    Music composition
    Carles Pedragosa
    Joan Solé
    Sabina Witt

    Joan Rodón

    Choreographic movement
    Montse Colomé
    Design of the original capgròs
    Silvia Delagneau

    Assistant director
    Iban Beltran

    Production director
    Carles Manrique

    Technical director
    Xavier Xipell

    Production assistant
    Laura Alonso

    Graphic design
    Maria Picassó

    David Ruano

    Distribution Magnetica Management
    Elena Blanco
    Velvet Events, Centro Dramático Nacional y Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    With the collaboration of
    Teatre Plaza Castelldefels

    With the support of
    Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals – Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    Technical and management teams of the TNC