Heroïnes o res



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Heroïnes o res

  • Iván Morales
  • Directed by Ivan Morales and David Climent
  • Sala Tallers
  • al

Heroines or nothing? Well, maybe it will have to be nothing. Is that what the game is about? You only give us space in your world by forcing us to be heroes?”

A group of young female artistes, from very different backgrounds but all of them from the fringes and with the desire to do a revolutionary kind of theatre than turns society upside down, have managed to put a play on in one of the most important public theatres in the country. They are angry with the world, and quite rightly. As a company, and also at a personal level, they feel helpless, and think that right now their only solution is to do this play, which they regard as a Trojan horse to blow up the culture surrounding and suffocating them.

On their way, they will meet an actor who, 20 years earlier, stopped working because of multiple sclerosis and now lives distanced from everything, trying to overcome the depression that has become the norm since the degenerative illness entered his life.

Perhaps they have few things in common but they do share the anger and the need for art to channel it.

Prices and times

  • General price

    20 €
  • Youth price 50%

    10 € i
  • Special price 15%

    17 € i
  • School price

    8 € i
  • Times

    Wednesday, thursday and friday 10 am (school session)
    Friday 19 pm
    Saturday 19 pm
    Sunday 18 pm

    Gender: Theater
    Running time:
    approximate 1 h 15 min
    Recommended age :
    14 years and above
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Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Production team

Iván Morales
Directed by
Ivan Morales and David Climent
Bruno Bergonzini, Pau Escobar, Tai Fati, Àrid Soldevila and Emma Clarke
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    Set deign
    Judit Colomer

    Sound design
    Clara Aguila

    Judit Colomer

    Clara Aguilar

    Scenic movement
    Carla Tovias
    David Climent
    Director's assistant
    Marc Cartanyà

    Production management
    Júlia Simó Puyo

    Executive production
    Ariadna Castedo

    Los Montoya and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya