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La América de Edward Hopper

  • Eva Hibernia
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  • 08.05.09 al 14.06.09

Theatre Eva Hibernia (La Rioja, 1973) is a graduate and specialist in Dramatisation and Performing Arts Direction from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid. Her most outstanding works include Mu (fragmentos) (1996); El arponero herido por el tiempo (Second Marqués de Bradomín National Award, 1997); Lamento (2001); Ñi Jujrí Mujrí (No és fàcil de dir) (2005); Fuso negro (Second SGAE National Theatre Award 2005), and Una mujer en transparencia (premiered in the Sala Tallers last season in the framework of Projecte T6). She has directed, among others, Cova Cortázar, with dramaturgy by Karel Mena based on texts by Julio Cortázar (2004), Reina Carolina (2005) and Trece rosas, by Júlia Bel (2006). In 2000 she founded, together with Júlia Bel, Delirio, a creation group of diverse format projects. A man and a woman. A hotel room. A window. A key (to what?). A cycle. Achieving the multiplicity of a single thing: all the people concealed in a single person; all the rooms superimposed in one room; all the secrets opened with a single key; all the windows that lead to infinitude. Many suitcases, many books, many questions. Words. The heart of this text, that which beats and constructs the play, is probably the dilemma of faith in the word. Swimming, with the help of mirrors, among the words that drown us. Trust (some self that lives within us must have trust) in finding America itself.

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Eva Hibernia
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    Direction Eva Hibernia (Other members of the artistic team and cast to be announced) Production Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and
    Teatre de Ponent This production will be performed in the Sala Beckett in May-June 2009 (dates to be announced) Projecte T6 has the support of SGAE
    Amb Joaquín Daniel Alícia González Laá Producció Teatre Nacional de Catalunya i Teatre de Ponent Aquest espectacle es representarà a la Sala Beckett del 27 de maig al 14 de juny El Projecte T6 compta amb el suport de la SGAE


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