La casa del dolor



La casa del dolor

La casa del dolor

  • Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez
  • Directed by Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez
  • Sala Petita
  • al

An unsettling life behind the façade of a perfect family.

A family gathers together for dinner in honour of Juli, the son, who has completed his piano studies. They have prepared a celebration. But Juli doesn't show up. At this disappearance, each family member deals with the situation differently: the mother will seek comfort and help, the father will go out in search of the places he frequented and the sister will lock herself at home surrounded by melodramas and benzodiazepines. The paths of each one will enter a dreamy, comic and surprising labyrinth through which we will discover the ghosts of a family that seemed to be perfect.

Imagine a family, one of those that seem perfect, living in a nice area. A family preparing to hold a party in honour of Juli, the son, who has completed his piano studies. A party to celebrate his entry into adulthood. While they wait for him, Cecília, the mother, sings a song to Francesc, the father, and to Júlia, the other daughter and twin sister. The song is a poem by Juli that Cecília has set to music. We would say that she appropriated it without asking permission. The poem unsettles them. Juli is late. What if Juli refuses to attend this party?
La casa del dolor is a journey through the melodrama of the horrors of a family that could be any family. An Orphic journey into the night, passing through consultations with psychologists and churches, snowdrifts and labyrinths, in search of atonement.

Víctor Sánchez, author and director of the show.

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Prices and times

  • General

    24 €
  • -50%

    12 € i
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    20 € i
  • Times

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Satudray at 7 pm
    Sunday at 6 pm

    Gender: Theatre
    Running time:
    1 h 30 min
    Recommended age :
    16 years and above
    Show in:
    Catalan (18 February with English subtitles)


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Production team

Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez
Directed by
Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez
Antonio Escámez, Amparo Fernández, Júlia Genís, Lina Lambert, Pol Monen and Carles Sanjaime
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    Set design
    Max Glaenzel

    Adriana Parra

    Musical composition and sound space
    Aurora Bauzà
    Pere Jou

    Mingo Albir
    Adriana Parra

    Movement advice
    Cristina Fernández Pintado

    Director assistant
    Albert Pérez Hidalgo

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
    With the collaboration of
    Institut Valencià de Cultura – Generalitat Valenciana

    Caroline Verbrugghe a Paco Zarzoso and to the colleagues of Laboratori de dramatúrgia Insula Dramataria Josep Lluís Sirera 2020 (IVC): Paula Llorens, Lucía Sáez, Xavi Puchades and Javier Sahuquillo. And Josep Maria Miró



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