November 2021


La cresta de la ola

  • José Troncoso
  • Directed by José Troncoso
  • Sala Tallers
  • 11/11/2021 al 28/11/2021

A criticism of the constant dissatisfaction with the world in which we live

Increasingly self-conscious about the unattainable dream of becoming "someone" and fed up with a life of servility, Victoria passionately craves the lives of others and, more specifically, Stella’s. The maid will find a way to exchange lives in a kind of contemporary "Cinderella" full of black humour that, at the end of the spell, reveals that we are nobody.

La Estampida's gaze points to the social context that surrounds us. While in our previous productions we were concerned with issues such as eviction, nostalgia, lack of talent or abuse, in this case the creative driver is based on prevailing success and frivolity.
Why can we never be happy with who we are? Why do we live wanting to be someone else? How have we distorted ourselves before the gaze of others?
In La cresta de la ola we will give our characters, wounded by folkloric Spanish existentialism, the magical opportunity to fulfil their dreams of greatness. We will put them on the crest of the wave just at the moment in which that wave is about to break and we will enjoy the Spanish pleasure of watching the exalted fall.

José Troncoso, director of the show.

Production team

José Troncoso
Directed by
José Troncoso
José Bustos, Belén Ponce de León, Alicia Rodríguez, Ana Turpin
  • + Information
    Set design and props
    Alessio Meloni

    Miguel Ángel Milán

    Leticia L. Karamazana

    Original music
    Mariano Marín

    Chema Noci
    Susana Martín

    Assistant director
    María Jáimez

    Lighting assistant
    Ana López

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Press and communication
    María Díaz
    Cámara Blanca-Amadeo Vañó

    Executive production
    Kike Gómez

    La Estampida in co-production with the 38 Festival de Otoño / Madrid Cultura y Turismo S.A.U. and in artistic residence at the Teatro Nuevo de Coslada. Funded by Crea S.G.R.