• Companyia Maduixa
  • Idea and direction Joan Santacreu
  • Sala Petita
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A dance show that explains a global issue to kids: child labour.

Our protagonists spend their days working in the fields without rest, planting one seed after another for hours and in the hot sun. But, to bear it, the two girls have turned their work into a game, because… it’s impossible to forbid a child from playing.

Our purpose is to show and share our way of understanding art as a means of stimulating the imagination through dance, poetics and visual beauty. In this piece, straddling contemporary dance, audiovisual and visual arts, we present two girls who are forced to work every day in extremely harsh conditions. They do, however, manage to survive day after day showing an enormous capacity for resilience. Their inner world, this imaginary universe they share and where they take refuge, allows them to deal with suffering and injustice. Together, they find a way to flee through their imagination. And in their games, we see reflected their deepest dreams and longings for a home and a family.
With this production we celebrate our fifteen years as a company, and, in some way, it is imbued with the spirit of all our previous creations. A piece as small and delicate as a seed.

Joan Santacreu, director of the show.

Prices and times

  • General

    10 € adult - 8 € infant
  • -15%

    8,50 € i
  • School

    7 € i
  • Under 3 years old

  • Times

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. (School performance)
    Saturday at 5 pm and 7 pm
    Sunday at 10 am and 12 pm

    Gender: Dance
    Running time:
    40 min
    Recommended age :
    4 years and above
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Production team

Companyia Maduixa
Idea and direction
Joan Santacreu
Choreographic direction
Baldo Ruiz
Laia Sorribes, Melissa Usina / Paula Quiles
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    Movement advise
    Cristina Fernández

    Dramaturgy and assistant director
    Paula Llorens

    Musical composition
    Damián Sánchez

    Joan Miquel Reig

    Costume designer
    Body technique
    Pau Bachero

    Bea Herráiz VirtualArt

    Lighting design
    Ximo Olcina

    Technical and management teams of the company

    Andrés Roses
    Executive production
    Loles Peris
    Elena Villagrasa

    Maduixa Teatre, SL

    Resident company
    Ajuntament de Sueca

    Festival Grec Barcelona 2019

    With the support of
    Institut Valencià de Cultura



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Education service

Recommended school levels: primary school pupils.
This play is recommended by the TNC Education Service as a useful tool for the training and cultural development of children.