Sponsorship and patronage information

Sponsorship and patronage information

Becoming a Patron of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya means associating your company and brand with a Catalan institution committed to the conservation and promotion of Catalan drama heritage and fostering the development of Catalan creators.

There are different ways of associating with the TNC:

Support for the institution, its development and its international scope.

Support for the artistic season.

Providing support to a production by participating in its development.

Support for the educational project.

Support for the socio-educational project

Apropa Cultura
Fundació Èxit
Consult here for more information about our socio-educational programmes

Support for creation

Donations to the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in the campaign “Si la Cultura ens toca ara et toca a tu"

IBAN: ES64 2100 5000 5102 0019 5486
This donation in favor of the TNC has a philanthropic nature and, in no case, does not it grant the right to enjoy any tax advantage or deduction in terms of personal income tax, IS or IRNR, or to obtain any delivery or service provided by the TNC.
You can make a donation from € 5 and, please, leave us your name and email so we can thank you. When we share, we add efforts.
Don’t hesitate to contact Montserrat Antolí i Giner, chief of Patrocinis, Mecenatge i Comercialització, for further information (mantoli@tnc.cat)

We hope we can have your support to jointly develip a link between your company and the TNC that meets your expectations.