Billy’s Violence



Billy’s Violence

  • Show based on the 13 tragedies by William Shakespeare
  • Directed by Jan Lauwers
  • Sala Gran
  • al

Jan Lauwers and Needcompany return to Barcelona with a show that reviews the most violent world of Shakespeare’s work

Shakespeare is the most widely read and performed playwright in the world. Nevertheless, many of his plays are almost impossible to perform due to their violence and horror. The brutality of the scenes that Shakespeare put on paper shakes our sensibilities and our imagination over and over again, although since the early 21st century fear and suffering have been broadcast live non-stop and have become part and parcel of our daily lives.

In his famous essay Shakespeare, Our Contemporary, Jan Kott argues that “Shakespeare is like the world, or life itself. Every historical period finds in him what it is looking for.” Twenty years after the production of King Lear (2000), Jan Lauwers explores Shakespeare's realm to question the importance of violence in the arts today and to seek the theatrical images that can become not only relevant but also affective and transformative. For Billy's violence, the poet Victor Afung Lauwers reinvents Shakespeare's 13 tragedies.

Prices and times

  • General price

    29 €
  • Youth price 50%

    14,50 € i
  • Special price 15%

    24,50 € i
  • Times

    Thursday 7 pm
    Friday 7 pm
    Saturday 7 pm
    Sunday 6 pm

    Gender: Theater
    Running time:
    approximate 1 h 30 min
    Recommended age :
    16 years and above
    Show in:


Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Production team

Directed by
Jan Lauwers
Victor Afung Lauwers
Nao Albet, Grace Ellen Barkey, Gonzalo Cunill, Irene Escolar, Romy Louise Lauwers, Juan Navarro and Maarten Seghers
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    Maarten Seghers

    Ken Hioco

    Grace Ellen Barkey

    Erwin Jans, Elke Janssens

    Festival Grec de Barcelona & Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

    Produced with the support of
    Belgian Federal Government and Flemish Government’s Tax Shelter


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🔴#BillysviolenceTNC. Jan Lauwers i Needcompany tornen a Barcelona amb un espectacle que revisa el món més violent d…