L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel



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L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel

  • Lluïsa Cunillé
  • Directed by Xavier Albertí
  • Sala Gran
  • al

The playwright Lluïsa Cunillé conjures with the phantoms of El Paral·lel in a great symphony of Barcelona’s nocturnal bohemia

A few months before the Second Republic is proclaimed, Barcelona mourns its most beloved and acclaimed artist: Palmira Picard, "L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel". While Barcelona’s great avenue of leisure is in mourning, the effervescence of the night has summoned all kinds of stage artisans, libertarian thinkers, bohemian writers and other heterodox agitators to La Tranquil·litat bar, who will get drunk to the health and memory of the great woman.

Like a vibrant scenic symphony, and to the rhythm of cuplés, political proclamations and coarse witticisms, Lluïsa Cunillé's L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel conjures up the bustle of 1920s Paral·lel and the frenzy of the early 1930s, which would soon be condemned to swallow down so much bitterness in a single gulp.

Prices and times

  • General price

    29 €
  • Youth price 50%

    14,50 € i
  • Special price 15%

    24,50 € i
  • Times

    Wednesday 19 pm
    Thursday 20 pm
    Friday 19 pm
    Saturday 19 pm
    Sunday 18 pm

    Gender: Musical theater
    Running time:
    approximate 2 h
    Recommended age :
    14 years and above


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Production team

Lluïsa Cunillé
Directed by
Xavier Albertí
Pere Arquillué, Montse Esteve, Chantal Aimée, Alejandro Bordanove, Oriol Genís, Maria Hinojosa, Sílvia Marsó, Mont Plans, Jordi Domènech, Aina Sánchez, Roberto G. Alonso, Carme Sansa and Albert Mora
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    Set design
    Lluc Castells

    Ignasi Camprodon

    Jordi Bonet

    Teatre Nacional de Catalunya