Theatre has to reach everyone. Everyone must be able to access theatre and enjoy it.

Accessibilities for people with physical impairment

  • Sala Gran: we have 8 places reserved for people with reduced mobility and 42 subject to availability.
  • Sala Petita: we have 2 places reserved for people with reduced mobility and 8 subject to availability.
  • Sala Tallers: we have 2 places reserved for people with reduced mobility and 7 subject to availability.
To obtain these places and to ensure that TNC staff can provide the right assistance for your needs, please call 933 065 720 (ticket sales without commission).

Free car park
2 places reserved for people with reduced mobility in Padilla street.

Car park
5 places reserved for people with reduced mobility at the car park B:SM Els Encants (Castillejos, 158).
5 places reserved for people with reduced mobility at the car park B:SM Pl. de les Arts (Padilla, 148 and Padilla, 157). Direct access to the Theatre.

In the Sala Gran and in the foyers of the Sala Petita and the Sala Tallers there are adapted toilets.

Sala Tallers cafeteria:
To make the service more accessible, the bar in the cafeteria in the Sala Tallers foyer is adapted.

Box office:
We have adapted box offices in the Sala Gran, Sala Petita and Sala Tallers foyers.

Dressing rooms:
There are adapted dressing rooms for actors with reduced mobility at the Sala Tallers and Sala Gran (with the support of Comsa Corporación).

Sala Gran and Sala Petita: Entrance to these two auditoria for wheelchair users is via Sala Petita.
Sala Tallers: Entrance to these two auditoria for wheelchair users is via Padilla street at the junction with carrer de Ribes, which has a stair lift. Ask the staff when you come to the performance.

Accessibilities for people with hearing impairment

Magnetic induction ring or magnetic loop
The TNC has set up a magnetic induction loop to improve the theatre experience for users with hearing impairment wearing hearing aids or implants equipped with “T” coil (telecoil). The areas offering this service are: the Sala Gran, the areas around the Sala Gran, and the Sala Tallers foyer and box office.

The Sala Gran loop system is distributed in diverse areas that ensure it performs correctly for all seats between rows 4 and 22. However, depending on the play, these areas may change. Check the show page for details. With the support of Fundació DAMM

Accessibilities for people with visual impairment

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya website is adapted to be interpreted with screen readers.

Guide dogs
Guide dogs can enter the auditoria. We have water bowls available; ask the auditorium staff when you come to the performance.

Ticket Sale

Free companion
People with a disability card specifying that they need to be accompanied can request a free ticket for their companion by calling 933065720 or at the TNC box office. The tickets will always be collected at the TNC box office and it will be necessary to show the disability card along with ID.

15% discounts
If you have a disability card you can buy your ticket with 15% discount for all Teatre Nacional de Catalunya shows.

Accessible Performances

  • Functions with audio-descripción and subtitles: Sala Tallers, December 5 at 19 pm and Decembre 6 at 18 pm.
Mare de sucre is included in the 5th Simbiòtic Festival, the festival of accessible, and inclusive performing arts.
  • Accessible performances on May 14, 21 and 28: those performances include accompaniment service, audio-description, previous tactile visits, text subtitling, magnetic loop, and sign language interpretation.
  • Relaxed performance on May 23: an area will be set up in the stall to facilitate mobility for those people in need of moving around in order to reduce anxiety, and so being able to enjoy the live theatre experience.In addition, the relaxed performance may involve minor adaptations to the show like decreasing lighting intensity, special effects, and sound. Before the starting of the show, a previous activity will be offered to visit the set.
  • Performance duration: the hall of the Sala Tallers will have a space for people that may need a more relaxed, and welcoming environment to reduce anxiety levels and, and therefore, being able to continue enjoying the show.
Programa del Festival Simbiòtic 2021 (PDF)

If you intend to come to one of the Simbiotic Festival’s performances, and need some kind of accessibility measures, please inform about it on the personal area when checking in.